Creating a new political system for the future of all Humanity. A future of participation by the greater population.
Starting from the bottom and straight to the top... Simple plan of communication in this digital age... Spreading the Concept of Humanity to all and changing our way of life. Shifting the global balance of power to Humanitarian Ideals. A global political party ruling all the world with Human Rights at its core.


I search for ways to save humanity (The human civilisation) from disaster. Instead of constant conflict... Systems that work for large populations. Democracy seems to have many problems. What I observe of people is that most dont really want to participate with the governing part. Thats why democracy falls apart... And I can conclude that it doesn't matter what systems are working within that democracy, if the bulk of the population does not proactively participate then the systems balance tilts


I do not want the mantle of Leadership
Standing behind you, I am free to move
Free to be your Enforcer
Your Defender
Your Campaigner.

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